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Design USB DAC UD5122AC with integrated Isolator NXE2
DAC IC Awarded TI PCM5122A
USB Signal Isolation up to 5000 V (ADuM4160)
USB Voltage Isolation up to 3000 V (muRata NXE2)
Dynamic Range Studio quality audio with 112dB DNR
USB 24bit USB Audio 2.0 Full-Speed
Digital Filter 8 x oversampling digital filter at internal 384kHz
Volume Digital Volume Control in HW
Direct Path w/o DC blocking capacitor or tone colouring
Control100% USB Audio: volume, bass, balance...
Applicationw/o driver in Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, ...
Input Micro-USB socket (for micro-USB data cables)
Output Gold plated RCA sockets L/R 2.1VRMS
RCA Isolated Ground
Body Valuable and stable aluminium profile
Dimensions 45mm x 55mm x 20mm

Package Contains

  • USB-C DAC UD5122AC with integrated Isolator
  • Small velour bag

HIRESFI USB-C DAC UD5122ISO is a digital audio converter with Burr-Brown chip from Texas Instruments that converts the audio signal from your computer, smartphone or tablet into an analog signal of up to 112dB DNR, which you can enjoy through your headphones or speakers. It is compatible with all devices that have a USB-C port and does not require any additional power supply or drivers. HIRESFI USB-C DAC UD5122ISO produces a first-class soundscape.

The HIRESFI USB-C DAC UD5122ISO is not only an excellent DAC, but also an effective isolator. It has an integrated Analog Devices isolator and an isolated power supply with MuRata NXE2, which shields the signals and voltage of USB, thereby eliminating interference and noise. Even with compressed storage or streaming formats from about 190 kBit/s, you can hear a significant sound gain in comparison to the DACs that are otherwise integrated from the factory. This ensures clean and clear signal transmission, guaranteeing a unique sound experience. With the HIRESFI USB-C DAC UD5122ISO, you can enjoy your music without any interference. It is the ideal solution for those looking for an USB-C DAC with an integrated isolator.

8 x Oversampling Digital Filter in 348kHz: HIRESFI USB-C DAC UD5122ISO converts the audio data in real time in the IC to 8 x 48kHz and uses its internal DSP filters in 348kHz for crystal clear and deep black sound. Negative influences due to USB drivers from third-party manufacturers or jitter on an overloaded USB bus are largely excluded.

Not only are the electronic components used at the upper end of exclusive components - the small black box is also High-quality and stable aluminium full profile. UD5122ISO only uses the voltage of the USB bus and isolates this voltage using a DC/DC converter. The USB power supply is internally prepared and controlled by a fully integrated insulated voltage regulator perfectly for the PCM 5122A.

HIRESFI USB-C DAC UD5122ISO: USB-C digital-to-analog converter from hi-fi enthusiasts for friends of the finest sound with RCA output.

This is the finest listening pleasure in studio quality - and pure joie de vivre!

Typical Applications

Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, ... all plug & play

Volume level and sound is controlled by usual control keys on your computer or tablet.

HIRESFI USB-C DAC UD5122ISO is aimed at applications with streaming music formats and lossless FLAC files. With the USB interface to the DAC set to 48kHz 24Bit, only really relevant bit information is sent to the DAC and extrapolated to 384kHz. HIRESFI USB-C DAC UD5122ISO generates an optimal output signal without jitter with its own high-end capabilities.

In addition, HIRESFI USB-C DAC UD5122ISO offers sensible conveniences, such as resolution down to the finest sound details with a 112dB singal-to-noise ratio, soft-mute when turning on and off without any significant pulse to the speakers and a fully USB audio compatible implementation. The use of the audio functions available natively and virus-proof in the operating systems is therefore possible without any problems.


Direct PathTM Line Level 2.1VRMS
USB Signal Isolation: up to 5000 V (ADuM4160)
USB Voltage Isolation: up to 3000 V (muRata NXE2)
No DC blocking capacitor, no tone colouring
Intelligent muting system: Soft up and down ramping
Permanent voltage good control: pop-free switch-on/off
Headphones can be connected via adapter up to moderate room level

TI PCM5122 Digital-Analog-Converter muc89 TI PCM5122A Digital-Analog-Converter


  1. Wow!
    Wow! Ich bin beeindruckt, welchen Klang und welche Details diese kleine Box in Kombination mit
    meinem Mini-Amp aus meinen Boston Acoustics XS + Woofer am PC heraus holt. Wenn ich die Augen
    schließe, sehe ich jetzt eine Bühne vor mir und wo die Stimme und die Instrumente stehen.
    Kein Vergleich zum Musikbrei der vorher vom Onboardsound meines HP-Rechners kam.
    Nachtrag: Habe das Teil an meinem Handy angeschlossen. Wird sofort als USB-C Audiodevice erkannt und funktioniert perfekt.

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